We are people with disabilities who love to travel. But we all remember how we – and especially our families – felt on our first trip. Worried. Scared. Nervous. 

What will happen to my wheelchair – what if they lose it  or break it? Can I bring my companion dog? How do I go to bathroom on a plane? How will people see me?

But life can’t be like that. Life with a disability doesn’t need to be tied down to our disabilities. The very seat belt that keeps us protected in our chairs turns into a ball and chain on our innate desire to explore. The “No” mentality tethers our lives with disabilities and limits our full enjoyment of life. Break those shackles that tie you down! It’s scary, it’s hard, it’s wild, but it’s what we were meant to do: to explore, to travel, to seek adventure. 

 We created Leo The Hero to help kids with disabilities travel for the first time. We get that it’s hard to travel, so we will help you – and your families – prepare and feel comfortable to take that first big, trip. We will make you feel comfortable with every step of the process – from buying flights with the best airlines and selecting seats to planning out accessible options for your desired sites to see. We make the complicated simple. We turn worry into courage. And we got your back – we will support you all along the way. 

We believe after your first big trip with us you will have the travel skills and courage to explore this wide world full of adventures all on your own.  

Just don’t forget to send us a postcard. 


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” The key to feeling as comfortable as possible before a big trip is to plan, plan, plan. We will teach you research skills to find the best accessible places and sites to see and nd watch as you begin to meet important milestones.


“We stand on the shoulders of giants.” Our ambassadors  are  people with disabilities who are experienced in travel, both domestic and abroad. We match you up with the ambassador according to your travel preferences and your disabilities. 


“We are here to serve.” The hospitality industry wants to serve us better but often they just don’t know how. We teach you techniques on how to communicate with businesses to best serve your needs.   


“We got your back.” There are questions and answers that not even experienced ambassadors may have answers for. That’s why we host peer support forums for you to share your travel concerns and best ideas with the rest of the Leo The Hero family. 


What do they do to my wheelchair on the plane? What if it gets damaged? 


Gov. Jerry Brown

How do I get on the plane without my wheelchair? How do I tell the airport staff how to push me to my gate and my seat on the plane? 


Sen. Diane Feinstein

How do I request special assistance on an airline? Am I supposed to tip airport staff that helps me to my seat? 


Sen. Bernie Sanders



We believe that you have the potential to travel anywhere in the world. We are ambassadors who have traveled to domestic and international destinations including New York City, India, China, and South America. We each have our own styles and preferences when it comes to travel – going the luxurious route or the bootstrapping penny-pinching route. We can show you all of our tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 




Last Big Trip: Taj Majal, India



Last Big Trip: Barranquilla, Colombia



Last Big Trip: New York City